How To Monetize Your Food Content On Social Media

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been called delusional for thinking that creating food content on social media is a real job?  I know I have – in fact, I think most people who’ve pursued a career in social media have faced some version of this criticism. The food industry is more than just a […]

How To Attract More Customers With Food Photography and Styling

Picture this: You’re scrolling through Instagram and come across a mouth-watering photo of a perfectly plated dish, that’s been expertly captured through food photography and styling. The colors pop, the texture is tempting, and you can taste the flavors just by looking at the photo.  More likely than not, you’ll save the post and make […]

Corporate Catering: How To Do It Right And Save Money

Corporate catering at a business function

Corporate catering can grow your business. Giving your employees, clients, and guests tasty and healthy meals can improve morale, relationships, and impressions.  Whether you’re planning a company-wide lunch, client meeting, or special event, corporate catering is a great way to ensure that everyone is well-fed and happy.  However, as a business owner or event planner, […]

3 Easy Tips for Better Nutrition: Skip the Diet Trap

As the new year begins, many people like me look for ways to improve their health and well-being. Nutrition is an important aspect of overall health and can have a significant physical and mental impact.  2023 didn’t come with a renewed sense of hope for me. Rather, it came with a mindset of progress — […]

Expert Tips: A 4-Step Guide to Recipe Development

Recipe development is the process of creating new dishes for various purposes, such as a restaurant menu, cookbook, or food product. A great recipe developer guides others on the path to creating good food. Recipe development involves the following:  A professional recipe developer is hired by restaurants, media companies, food manufacturers, and other businesses in […]

An Expert Guide To Hiring A Food Stylist

A food stylist’s job is to make food look as appetizing and visually appealing as possible for photography, video, and other media. This involves creating compositions, choosing the right props and backgrounds, and manipulating the food to make it look its best. If you work for advertising or editorial companies, you know that making food […]

How To Become A Freelance Chef: The Ultimate Guide

As a chef, you’ve honed your skills and expertise in the kitchen, by working in hotels and restaurants to create delicious meals and provide excellent dining experiences. There are many reasons why a chef might want to move from the commercial side of hospitality to freelance work. One common reason is the desire to have […]

Overcoming Anxiety, Procrastination, and Control Issues: A Practical Guide

Dear foodies,  Anxiety, control, and procrastination aren’t good things.  The concept of “letting go,” even though it’s exactly what we need to do to be happy and successful in our lives, can feel scary to many people, including myself, who have experienced trauma. These go-to protections limit our growth and development, like many things we […]

Emotional Eating: How to Find Balance and Overcome Binge Eating

Dear foodies, If you’re worried about whether you’re eating enough, how often you’re eating when you’re not hungry, or if you are concerned that food has become your primary tool for coping with emotions, contact Eating Disorders South Africa or One minute you’re in bed, the next you’re in the kitchen looking for a snack when you […]

Breaking Free From Compulsive Exercise and Disordered Eating Patterns

Dear foodies, We have developed a skewed notion of healthy exercise and eating. We either don’t do it at all, or we do it far too much.  The sooner someone can identify their disordered eating and get help, the better their chances of making a full recovery, both physically and mentally. Raise your hand if you’ve […]

Is being strong always a strength?

Dear foodies, I came across this tweet earlier and I strongly related to it. It also got me thinking: “Is being strong always a strength?” I can’t count the number of times I’ve had to push through difficult life situations while bracing myself for pain and agony. I had mastered the art of appearing “strong,” whether it […]

3 Recipe Writing Tips: How to Write Recipes Like A Pro

What makes a good recipe? A well-written recipe is accurate, comprehensive, and simple.  Short phrases and straightforward instructions remove ambiguity, making recipes less intimidating and simpler to follow.  Customers prefer simple phrases. Instead of writing “braise,” try writing “simmer”, “stew,” or “slow-boil.”  Developing style guides and standardized recipes for your food business helps you find […]

7 Menu Design Tips To Boost Your Sales Quickly

Young women seated at a table holding menus in a restaurant. Young girls at cafe making choice and place their order, while waiting standing by with a digital tablet.

How your restaurant menu plays a part in the restaurant experience  Think about the last time you went out for dinner. Were you impressed by the menu? Was it well-designed with compelling titles and descriptions? Did it make it easy to find what you wanted? Whether you know it or not, effective menu design sends […]

10 Unique Food Service Jobs To Elevate Your Career

Woman in the kitchen creating recipes

One question I get a lot from food service students and chefs is, “Which food service jobs should I go into?” I’ve always loved food. But after my culinary training, I struggled to find a career path that I enjoyed outside the kitchen.  The good news is that the world of food is vast. There […]