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How To Become A Freelance Chef: The Ultimate Guide

As a chef, you’ve honed your skills and expertise in the kitchen, by working in hotels and restaurants to create delicious meals and provide excellent dining experiences. There are many reasons why a chef might want to move from the commercial side of hospitality to freelance work. One common reason is the desire to have […]

7 Menu Design Tips To Boost Your Sales Quickly

Young women seated at a table holding menus in a restaurant. Young girls at cafe making choice and place their order, while waiting standing by with a digital tablet.

How your restaurant menu plays a part in the restaurant experience  Think about the last time you went out for dinner. Were you impressed by the menu? Was it well-designed with compelling titles and descriptions? Did it make it easy to find what you wanted? Whether you know it or not, effective menu design sends […]

10 Unique Food Service Jobs To Elevate Your Career

Woman in the kitchen creating recipes

One question I get a lot from food service students and chefs is, “Which food service jobs should I go into?” I’ve always loved food. But after my culinary training, I struggled to find a career path that I enjoyed outside the kitchen.  The good news is that the world of food is vast. There […]