Expert Tips: A 4-Step Guide to Recipe Development

Recipe development means creating new dishes for different uses, such as a restaurant menu, cookbook, or food product. Companies typically hire a professional recipe developer to create good food by: That third part, recipe testing, is key. Even the most experienced recipe developer must test their recipes to ensure they are delicious, visually appealing, and […]

An Expert Guide To Hiring A Food Stylist

A food stylist’s job is to make food look as appetizing and visually appealing as possible for photography, video, and other media. This involves creating compositions, choosing the right props and backgrounds, and manipulating the food to make it look its best. If you work for advertising or editorial companies, you know that making food […]

3 Recipe Writing Tips: How to Write Recipes Like A Pro

What makes a good recipe? A well-written recipe is accurate, comprehensive, and simple.  Short phrases and straightforward instructions remove ambiguity, making recipes less intimidating and simpler to follow.  Customers prefer simple phrases. Instead of writing “braise,” try writing “simmer”, “stew,” or “slow-boil.”  Developing style guides and standardized recipes for your food business helps you find […]