Corporate Catering: How To Do It Right And Save Money

Corporate catering at a business function

Corporate catering can grow your business. Giving your employees, clients, and guests tasty and healthy meals can improve morale, relationships, and impressions.  Whether you’re planning a company-wide lunch, client meeting, or special event, corporate catering is a great way to ensure that everyone is well-fed and happy.  However, as a business owner or event planner, […]

An Expert Guide To Hiring A Food Stylist

A food stylist’s job is to make food look as appetizing and visually appealing as possible for photography, video, and other media. This involves creating compositions, choosing the right props and backgrounds, and manipulating the food to make it look its best. If you work for advertising or editorial companies, you know that making food […]

How To Become A Freelance Chef: The Ultimate Guide

As a chef, you’ve honed your skills and expertise in the kitchen, by working in hotels and restaurants to create delicious meals and provide excellent dining experiences. There are many reasons why a chef might want to move from the commercial side of hospitality to freelance work. One common reason is the desire to have […]